Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot find data about my name, what can I do?

You can check again in the couple of weeks as the site is constantly updated with new data. However, some rare names may never be added.

My country is not listed, will you add it?

It may be added in the future and if you want to speed up the process, you are welcome to send use databases with names from your country.

What kind of databases do you need?

Electoral rolls, birth records, census, etc.

How reliable are these statistics?

It all depends on the name popularity and on the country.
There is good data about: USA, Canada and many European countries.

There is poor to no data about: China, Iran, India and most of African countries.
Also for names very popular(like Smith) or very rare, the stats may be inaccurate. For the names with mid-range popularity, the stats are very reliable.

What's with the estimation I see in charts?

An estimation is something like this:

Let's say we have information about 40% of UK citizens.
There are 10 records of name Blaexample.
We'll estimate the total number of people named Blaexample in UK is 25. 10*100/40