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The popularity rank in Denmark is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 288+ people named Behrooz

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Name Behrooz means Lucky.

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      Yousef (2)   Siamak (2)   Hamid (1)  





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Behrooz says: I noticed the wrong translation of such an rare name, Behrooz, and with me being both an Iranian-born and my name being Behrooz, I decided to set the record straight, for I am Iranian and my name is actually Behrooz! The reason that according to Google only 288 men and boys worldwide among well over 110 million Parsi (Persian/Iranian language) Behrooz rarest names you will ever hear: Behrooz! Whereas practically every name in Iran has an actual meaning, like a girl being names after a flower, or a boy named after historical figures of that most ancient of all continuously existing nations given its nearly 10,000 year history. It is a made-up name, which unlike practically all other names in Iran which have a meaning, Behrooz is made up of two words with one of them hardly ever used any more as it has been replaced b y other words, whereas the other word in that two-word name is one of the most often used words: (I have met TWO other people with the name Behrooz over the past 50 years, and despite my extremely frequent travels that resulted me in visiting 191 of the world's 229 countries! Simply put, almost ALL Iranian names have a meaning, and hardly anybody has a middle name as one does in the Western world. The name is rather rare and it is in fact composed of TWO words: Rooz, a very frequently used word, for it literally means "DAY" name is a compound, formed by connecting the word ROOZ which literally means: DAY. And the ancient word of BEH, which literally means, EXCELLENT, DESIRABLE, LOVELY AND GREAT. Basically anything that would bring joy and a sense of happiness to a person. It i sused used word Beh literally means : Good. The word Rooz means: DAY. So, although the compounded noun would transliterate into: Good Day. However, its usage is almost exclusively related to something a speaker would want to convey as a "Celebrated Day" or a "Proud Day" or finally anything that is associated with pleasant things. HAVE A PLEASANT DAY to you all!

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