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The popularity rank in Canada is #6152
Worldwide there are 9164+ people named Wallin

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Meaning of name Wallin is not known.

» Famous people

Pamela Wallin is a Canadian former television journalist and diplomat.
Sigurd Wallin was the son of the Swedish artist David Wallin , born Lundberg, Stockholm.
Georg was a Finnish orientalist, explorer and professor remembered for his journeys in the Middle East during the 1840s.
Stefan Erik Wallin is a Swedish-speaking Finnish politician.
Jesse Wallin , is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey defenceman who played in 49 career National Hockey League games for the Detroit Red Wings.
Rolf Wallin is a Norwegian composer, trumpeter and avant-garde performance artist.
Samuel Wallin was a U.
Johan Olof Wallin, , was a Swedish minister, orator, poet and later Archbishop of Uppsala, Sweden.
Dan Wallin is an American sound engineer.

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      Ken(4)   Ray(3)   Brad(3)   Greg(3)   Dale(3)   Gerald(3)   Paul(3)   John(2)   James(2)   Warren(2)   David(2)   Mark(2)   Barry(2)   Dawn(2)   Roger(2)   Robert(2)   William(2)   Gary(2)   Rick(2)   Richard(2)   Ron(2)   Maggie(1)   Jeff(1)   Joseph(1)   Rae(1)   Ewa(1)   Dave(1)   George(1)   Alfred(1)   Rudh(1)   Arne(1)   Ross(1)   Tina(1)   Mary(1)   Rudolph(1)   Mason(1)   Ted(1)   Randy(1)   Darlene(1)   Norman(1)   Lyle(1)   Royden(1)   Kevin(1)   Corey(1)   Sherry(1)   Sven(1)   Darroll(1)   Craig(1)   Troy(1)   Rudolf(1)   Laurie(1)   Sheldon(1)   Harvey(1)   Candice(1)   Trevor(1)   Mike(1)   Ian(1)   Dawson(1)   Larry(1)   Nolan(1)   Martin(1)   Donna(1)   Edward(1)   Leo(1)   Joe(1)   Shelley(1)   Eric(1)   Cory(1)   Jody(1)   Sandy(1)   Tim(1)   Todd(1)   Brent(1)   Bryan(1)   Diane(1)   Neil(1)   Linton(1)   Peter(1)   Fred(1)   Flora(1)   Kenneth(1)   Jonas(1)   Debra(1)   Erna(1)   Stan(1)   Kara(1)   Gloria(1)   Don(1)   Elroy(1)   May(1)   Solctr(1)   Grant(1)   Barbara(1)   Darryl(1)   Brian(1)   Darren(1)   Matthew(1)   Julia(1)  




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