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  1. ON = 66
  2. BC = 20
  3. AB = 10

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CountryOur RecordsEstimation
South Africa4159
New Zealand334

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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 3138+ people named Tweedy

» Meaning

Meaning of name Tweedy is not known.

» Famous people

Jeff rey Scot "Jeff" Tweedy is an American songwriter, musician, record producer and leader of the band Wilco.
George Jacob Tweedy , was an English footballer who played goalkeeper and earned one cap for England.
Samuel Tweedy was a United States Representative from Connecticut.
John Hubbard Tweedy was a delegate to the United States Congress from Wisconsin Territory from September 1847 to June 1848 being elected from the Whig Party.

» Popular firstnames for surname Tweedy

      John(6)   George(2)   Robert(2)   Darren(1)   James(1)   Junior(1)   Rob(1)   Ron(1)   Justin(1)   Jack(1)   Norman(1)   Glen(1)   Cecil(1)   Debbie(1)   Howard(1)   Blair(1)   David(1)   Gary(1)   Jeff(1)   Sue(1)   Michael(1)   Roger(1)   Greg(1)   Mark(1)   Ian(1)   Malcolm(1)   Iris(1)   Glenn(1)   Nelson(1)   Vernon(1)   Terry(1)   Brian(1)   Darrell(1)   Paul(1)   Renata(1)   Bryan(1)   Richard(1)   Ross(1)   Casey(1)   Donald(1)   Fraser(1)   Heather(1)  




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