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South Africa13516

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The popularity rank in Canada is #9919
Worldwide there are 1942+ people named Trew

» Meaning

Meaning of name Trew is not known.

» Famous people

Billy Trew was a Welsh international centre, outside half and wing who played club rugby for Swansea Rugby Football Club.
Beatrice Janet Trew was born on December 4, 1897, in Coates Mills, New Brunswick.
Tony Trew is a South African politician and discourse analyst.
Andrew Trew Wood was a Canadian businessman and parliamentarian.
Peter John Edward Trew has been a British Conservative Party politician, civil engineer and company director.
Antony was a South African naval officer and writer.
Chris Trew is an American actor.

» Popular firstnames for surname Trew

      John(4)   David(2)   Ronald(2)   Larry(2)   Patrick(2)   William(2)   Michael(2)   Richard(2)   Bill(2)   Steven(1)   Lloyd(1)   Kevin(1)   Jim(1)   Elva(1)   Brandie(1)   Bing(1)   Harry(1)   Tyler(1)   Marian(1)   Darla(1)   Gene(1)   Jay(1)   Kim(1)   Blanche(1)   Shelly(1)   Kaeli(1)   Greg(1)   Jennifer(1)   Garry(1)   Gary(1)   Henry(1)   Clair(1)   Shirley(1)   Charity(1)   Peter(1)   Devon(1)   George(1)   Diane(1)   Lionel(1)   Stephen(1)   Neil(1)   Jeffrey(1)   Gerald(1)   Evelyn(1)   Marlyn(1)   Robert(1)   Ray(1)   Alan(1)  




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