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The popularity rank in Canada is #5216
Worldwide there are 7470+ people named Rutter

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Meaning of name Rutter is not known.

» Famous people

John Milford Rutter CBE is a British composer, conductor, editor, arranger and record producer, mainly of choral music.
Brad ford Gates "Brad" Rutter is the biggest all-time money winner on the U.
Barrie Rutter is an English actor and the founder and Artistic Director of the Northern Broadsides theatre company based in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England.
Tony Rutter was a Grand Prix motorcycle road racer who won seven Isle of Man TT Races between 1973 and 1985.
Charles Frederick Rutter is a former English professional footballer.
Adam Rutter is an Australian racewalker.
William Rutter Dawes was an English astronomer.
Samuel Rutter was Bishop of Sodor and Man between 1660 and 1662 .

» Popular firstnames for surname Rutter

      Wayne(5)   John(5)   Robert(4)   Bruce(4)   David(3)   Anne(2)   Ross(2)   Bill(2)   Richard(2)   Harry(2)   James(2)   Gordon(2)   Philip(2)   Blaine(2)   Jim(2)   Jeff(2)   Shirley(2)   Steve(1)   Norman(1)   Carol(1)   Vernon(1)   Suzanne(1)   Bernie(1)   Keith(1)   Ahilya(1)   Betty(1)   Susan(1)   Christina(1)   Gregg(1)   Ian(1)   Stan(1)   Andy(1)   Vera(1)   Terry(1)   Clair(1)   Les(1)   Garde(1)   Danielle(1)   Casey(1)   Shane(1)   Ernie(1)   Marg(1)   Robt(1)   Allan(1)   Fred(1)   Kenneth(1)   Francie(1)   Joan(1)   Spencer(1)   Randy(1)   Basil(1)   Tristan(1)   Arnold(1)   Mark(1)   Laurie(1)   Nat(1)   Marie(1)   Rob(1)   Julie(1)   Tim(1)   Art(1)   George(1)   Nigel(1)   Tish(1)   Paul(1)   Bryan(1)   Rick(1)   Lindsay(1)   Todd(1)   Bobie(1)   Gary(1)   Pat(1)   Ken(1)   Shannon(1)   Dale(1)   Michael(1)   Sid(1)   Christopher(1)   Patrick(1)   Blair(1)   Valerie(1)   Milada(1)   Ellen(1)   Ron(1)   Nora(1)   Dudley(1)   Stewart(1)   Cody(1)   Leo(1)  




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