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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 179+ people named Radus

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Meaning of name Radus is var of Radush

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Sergiu Marian Radu is a Romanian former professional footballer.
Radu Nunweiller is a former Romanian football player, playing as a central midfield.
Marina Radu is a female water polo player from Canada.
Marin Radu is a retired Romanian football striker.
Cosmin Alexandru Radu is a Romanian water polo player, also captain of the national team.
Andrei Radu is a Romanian professional footballer who currently plays for FC Dinamo București.
Marius Radu is an Romanian footballer currently is Free Agent and last played for Gaz Metan Mediaş.
Radu Albot is a professional tennis player from Moldova.
Radu Lupu is a Romanian concert pianist.
Radu Mihnea of Moldavia in 1616–1619, 1623–1626.

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