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The popularity rank in Canada is #112
Worldwide there are 13928+ people named Poulin

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Meaning of name Poulin is not known.

» Famous people

Kevin Poulin is a Canadian professional ice hockey goaltender.
Jacques Poulin is a Canadian novelist with a quiet and intimate style of writing.
Marie-Philip Poulin is a Canadian ice hockey forward, now playing for the Boston University Terriers.
Patrick Poulin is a retired former professional ice hockey player who played 634 games in the National Hockey League between 1991 and 2002.
Julien Poulin is an actor, film director, screenwriter, film producer, and composer in Quebec, Canada.
Raoul Poulin was a Canadian politician, who represented the electoral district of Beauce in the Canadian House of Commons from 1949 to 1958.
Michael Poulin is an American equestrian.
Dan iel Poulin is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player who played three games in the National Hockey League for the Minnesota North Stars.

» Popular firstnames for surname Poulin

      Michel(132)   Claude(116)   Andre(110)   Pierre(97)   Jacques(94)   Richard(91)   Daniel(88)   Denis(88)   Marcel(81)   Gilles(78)   Robert(77)   Marc(64)   Jean(63)   Roger(61)   Mario(56)   Serge(56)   Luc(56)   Yves(55)   Yvon(51)   Guy(50)   Eric(50)   Francois(50)   Rene(47)   Stephane(44)   Gaston(42)   Raymond(41)   Paul(39)   Benoit(39)   Normand(37)   Maurice(36)   Gerard(35)   Yvan(32)   Gaetan(32)   Louis(31)   Roland(31)   Rejean(29)   Patrick(29)   Alain(29)   Bernard(28)   Sylvain(28)   Fernand(27)   Diane(26)   Martin(25)   Philippe(25)   Lucien(25)   Simon(24)   Charles(23)   Julie(23)   Clement(23)   Marco(22)   Laurent(22)   Real(22)   David(22)   Christian(22)   Louise(21)   Clermont(21)   Nathalie(20)   Leo(20)   Bertrand(19)   Therese(19)   Rosaire(19)   Isabelle(19)   Patrice(19)   Sylvie(19)   Steve(18)   Renald(18)   Henri(18)   Frederic(18)   Lise(18)   Donald(17)   Remi(17)   Lionel(17)   Monique(17)   Bruno(17)   Celine(17)   Joseph(17)   Dany(16)   Nancy(16)   Johanne(16)   Steeve(16)   Germain(15)   Dominic(15)   Ghislain(14)   Gerald(14)   Jerome(14)   Suzanne(14)   Renaud(14)   Denise(14)   Nicole(14)   Dominique(14)   Ronald(14)   Sebastien(14)   Francis(13)   Nicolas(13)   Lucie(13)   Jocelyn(13)   Chantal(13)   Pascal(13)   Maxime(12)   Josee(12)   Ray(12)   Carole(12)   Cecile(11)   Noel(11)   Mike(11)   Victor(11)   Armand(11)   Helene(11)   Valerie(11)   Manon(11)   Marie(10)   Linda(10)   Line(10)   Jacqueline(10)   Roch(10)   Camille(10)   Caroline(10)   Laurier(10)   Julien(10)   Jules(10)   Andree(9)   Francine(9)   Carol(9)   Ron(9)   Danielle(9)   Herve(9)   Anita(9)   Nelson(9)   Sonia(9)   Dave(9)   Guillaume(8)   Wilfrid(8)   Mathieu(8)   Claire(8)   Jonathan(8)   Madeleine(8)   Colette(8)   Melanie(8)   Vincent(8)   Leopold(8)   Mark(8)   Martine(8)   Regis(8)   Irene(8)   Micheline(8)   Gisele(8)   Ginette(8)   Stephanie(8)   Georges(8)   Sophie(7)   Lisette(7)   Alexandre(7)   John(7)   Annie(7)   Francoise(7)   Rock(7)   Emile(7)   Albert(7)   Karine(7)   Brigitte(7)   Guylaine(7)   Laval(7)   Lucille(7)   Melissa(7)   Mireille(7)   Leandre(7)   Carl(7)   Catherine(7)   Gilbert(7)   Raynald(7)   Marguerite(7)   Norman(6)   Lorraine(6)   Camil(6)   Claudette(6)   Cathy(6)   Rolland(6)   Aime(6)   Martial(6)   Eugene(6)   Marius(6)   Tony(6)   Etienne(6)   Hugues(6)   Jacynthe(6)   Huguette(6)   Leon(6)   Jocelyne(6)   Adrien(6)   Vicky(6)   Karen(6)   Emmanuel(5)   Cindy(5)   Maryse(5)   Donat(5)   Jose(5)   Doris(5)   Chantale(5)   Claudia(5)   Christine(5)   Michael(5)   Hector(5)   Emilien(5)   Dan(5)   Lawrence(5)   Genevieve(5)   Annette(5)   Bob(5)   Andrea(5)   Rheal(5)   Roy(5)   Gabrielle(5)   Arthur(5)   Jimmy(5)   Magella(5)   Georgette(5)   Pascale(5)   Aurele(5)   Reginald(5)   Aurelien(4)   Lucienne(4)   Noella(4)   Solange(4)   Honorius(4)   Adrienne(4)   Steven(4)   Rita(4)   Christiane(4)   Laurette(4)   Rollande(4)   Simone(4)   Pierrot(4)   Pierrette(4)   Lyne(4)   Ernest(4)   Yolande(4)   Pauline(4)   Yannick(4)   Gaetane(4)   Norbert(4)   Elise(4)   Gabriel(4)   Jeannine(4)   Jacinthe(4)   Colombe(4)   Veronique(4)   Laureat(4)   Jeannette(4)   Danny(4)   Suzie(4)   Gerry(4)   Don(4)   Ovila(4)   Royal(4)   Edgar(4)   Fabien(4)   Jason(4)   Rick(4)   Dennis(4)   Peter(4)   Darlene(4)   Laurie(4)   Gregoire(4)   Larry(4)   Herman(4)   Harold(4)   Come(3)   Yvette(3)   Anne(3)   Germaine(3)   Denys(3)   Edouard(3)   Jeanne(3)   Conrad(3)   Elizabeth(3)   Louisette(3)   Henriette(3)   Rose(3)   Odette(3)   Rejeanne(3)   Audrey(3)   Eddy(3)   Frank(3)   Aline(3)   Noelline(3)   Bill(3)   Gertrude(3)   Kim(3)   Allen(3)   Fernando(3)   Bernadette(3)   Amelie(3)   Claudine(3)   Philibert(3)   Yan(3)   Patricia(3)   Michelle(3)   Tommy(3)   Stephan(3)   Greg(3)  




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