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  1. ON = 221
  2. BC = 31
  3. AB = 25

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New Zealand11128

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The popularity rank in Canada is #4898
Worldwide there are 21092+ people named Neely

» Meaning

Meaning of name Neely is Victor

» Famous people

Jess Claiborne Neely was an American football player and coach of football and baseball.
Bill Neely is a journalist who is International Editor for ITV News, the news service produced by ITN for British commercial broadcaster ITV.
Cam eron Michael Neely is a retired Canadian professional ice hockey player and actor.
Blake Neely is an American composer, arranger, orchestrator, conductor, and author.
Ralph Eugene Neely is a former American football offensive tackle who played 13 seasons and 172 games for the Dallas Cowboys from 1965 to 1977.
Pat rick "Pat" Neely is a restaurateur, television personality, and author.
Carrie Neely was an American tennis player from the beginning of the 20th century.
Don ald Owen "Don" Neely , is a New Zealand cricket historian, administrator and former player.
John Neely Kennedy is the Republican state treasurer of Louisiana.
Neely Jo Jenkins is a musician from Omaha, Nebraska best known for being a singer in the band Tilly and the Wall.
Neely Edwards was an American vaudeville performer and film actor.

» Popular firstnames for surname Neely

      John(6)   David(3)   Jeff(3)   Gordon(3)   Terry(2)   Norman(2)   Mervyn(2)   Jenn(2)   Gord(2)   Brad(2)   Doug(2)   Larry(2)   Keith(2)   Stewart(2)   Michael(2)   Mark(2)   Jim(2)   Robert(2)   George(2)   Walter(2)   Raymond(2)   Aaron(2)   Dave(2)   Jill(1)   Cal(1)   Alan(1)   Suzanne(1)   Lee(1)   Thomas(1)   Ernest(1)   Dale(1)   Donald(1)   Bruce(1)   Phil(1)   Allen(1)   Dan(1)   Peggy(1)   Ralph(1)   Jamie(1)   Sean(1)   Don(1)   Henry(1)   Craig(1)   Collin(1)   Marty(1)   Jon(1)   Colette(1)   Stanley(1)   Cecil(1)   Glenn(1)   Susan(1)   Mary(1)   Howard(1)   Paul(1)   Jeremy(1)   Lynn(1)   Sheila(1)   Bryce(1)   Julianne(1)   Lyman(1)   Lister(1)   Jennifer(1)   Tamara(1)   Todd(1)   Donn(1)   Grant(1)   Gerald(1)   Solctr(1)   Blake(1)   Archibald(1)   William(1)   Robin(1)   Joe(1)   Sue(1)   Rick(1)   Barbara(1)   Scott(1)   Petra(1)   Robt(1)   Derrick(1)   Colin(1)   Steven(1)   Sam(1)   Clifford(1)   James(1)   Jillian(1)  




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