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  1. NL = 156
  2. ON = 35
  3. AB = 9

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CountryOur RecordsEstimation
South Africa3119

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The popularity rank in Canada is #6548
Worldwide there are 720+ people named Moyles

» Meaning

Meaning of name Moyles is not known.

» Famous people

Anthony Moyles is an Irish Gaelic footballer who plays for St Oliver Plunketts ER and the Meath inter-county team.
Roland Dunstan Moyle is a British Labour politician.
Walter Moyle was an English politician and political writer, an advocate of classical republicanism.
Allan Moyle is a Canadian film director.
Colin James Moyle is a former politician of the New Zealand Labour Party.
Arthur Moyle, Baron Moyle CBE was a British bricklayer, trade union official and politician.
Kendra Moyle is an American pair skater.
Wallace Simon Moyle was an American college football player and coach.

» Popular firstnames for surname Moyles

      Dave(6)   James(4)   Orville(3)   Roy(3)   Russell(3)   Warren(3)   Tony(3)   Nikki(3)   Herma(3)   Keith(3)   Maurice(3)   Melvin(3)   Winston(3)   Dean(3)   Dumaresque(3)   Sandra(3)   William(3)   Margaret(3)   Karen(3)   Chesley(3)   Harvey(3)   Geoff(3)   Morley(3)   Scott(3)   Woodrow(3)   Phillip(3)   Wanda(3)   Andy(3)   Bernard(3)   Lilly(3)   Bryce(3)   Harold(3)   Gertrude(3)   Tina(3)   Beverley(3)   Cluny(3)   Derek(3)   Doreen(3)   Calvin(3)   George(3)   Danny(3)   Deborah(3)   Clarence(3)   Cyril(3)   Wayne(2)   Lynne(2)   Mike(1)   Adam(1)   Norman(1)   Fran(1)   Ted(1)   John(1)   Wallace(1)   Sherri(1)   Roxanne(1)   Jason(1)   Peter(1)   Lorrie(1)   Gordon(1)   Dan(1)   Ben(1)   Robert(1)   Tena(1)   Josephine(1)   Craig(1)   Michael(1)   Malcolm(1)  




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