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  1. NL = 762
  2. ON = 182
  3. BC = 58

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CountryOur RecordsEstimation
New Zealand37431

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The popularity rank in Canada is #1606
Worldwide there are 7270+ people named Kean

» Meaning

Meaning of name Kean is Archaic

» Famous people

Thomas Howard Kean is an American Republican Party politician, who served as the 48th Governor of New Jersey from 1982 to 1990.
Edmund Kean was an English actor, regarded in his time as the greatest ever.
Stewart Kean is a Scottish professional footballer currently playing for Stenhousemuir.
Charles John Kean , was born at Waterford, Ireland, the son of the actor Edmund Kean.
Mark Kean is a Canadian curler.
Simon Kean from Trois-Rivieres, Quebec is a Canadian boxer that qualified for the 2012 Olympics along with Custio Clayton.
Robert Winthrop Kean was a Republican politician who represented New Jersey in the U.
Kean Cipriano is a Filipino singer, composer, actor, and musician.
Hamilton Fish Kean was a U.
Marie Kean was an Irish actress of stage and screen whose career spanned over 40 years.
Gerald Kean is an Irish celebrity solicitor from County Cork.

» Popular firstnames for surname Kean

      Robert(34)   James(16)   Michael(15)   Patrick(15)   William(14)   Paul(14)   Tom(11)   Gerald(10)   Keith(10)   Thomas(10)   George(9)   Neville(9)   Tony(9)   Maxwell(9)   Lloyd(8)   Edward(7)   Kevin(7)   Jerry(7)   Frank(7)   David(7)   Charles(6)   Kenneth(6)   Harold(6)   Sherry(6)   Dean(6)   Wade(6)   Rick(6)   John(6)   Glenn(6)   Crystal(6)   Lucius(6)   Cathy(6)   Barry(6)   Howard(6)   Dwayne(6)   Rob(6)   Dave(6)   Brian(6)   Scott(6)   Jocelyn(5)   Mike(5)   Alex(5)   Benjamin(4)   Blair(4)   Joan(4)   Trevor(4)   Don(4)   Dennis(4)   Charlie(4)   Chris(4)   Gordon(4)   Douglas(4)   Roland(4)   Fraser(4)   Jennifer(4)   Rita(4)   Allan(4)   Peter(4)   Emma(4)   Roger(3)   Ron(3)   Wallace(3)   Caleb(3)   Gwen(3)   Todd(3)   Ruby(3)   Russell(3)   Maurice(3)   Hubert(3)   Fred(3)   Llewellyn(3)   Hector(3)   Guy(3)   Ernest(3)   Greg(3)   Luke(3)   Madeline(3)   Alva(3)   Randy(3)   Paulette(3)   Oliver(3)   Margaret(3)   Linda(3)   Minnie(3)   Sam(3)   Reg(3)   Rod(3)   Clyde(3)   Wanda(3)   Sheila(3)   Natasha(3)   Sean(3)   Wayne(3)   Wycliffe(3)   Whit(3)   Donald(3)   Angela(3)   Marcella(3)   Dana(3)   Joseph(3)   Mary(3)   Jillian(3)   Tina(3)   Travis(3)   Abram(3)   Eleanor(3)   Philly(3)   Joleen(3)   Wendy(3)   Alan(3)   Amanda(3)   Irene(3)   Jason(3)   Edgar(3)   Cheryl(3)   Anthony(3)   Baxter(3)   Job(3)   Munden(3)   Eric(3)   Barbara(3)   Elsie(3)   Cliff(3)   Lisa(3)   Cassie(3)   Lewis(3)   Wilson(3)   Alana(3)   Michelle(3)   Pat(3)   Marie(3)   Brendan(3)   Eldon(3)   Ken(3)   Leslie(3)   Jacquie(3)   Herbert(3)   Gary(3)   Lester(3)   Majorie(3)   Karen(3)   Clifford(3)   Gail(3)   Martin(3)   Sandra(3)   Bob(3)   Tonya(3)   Albert(3)   Stirling(3)   Shawn(3)   Paula(3)   April(3)   Rodney(3)   Darren(3)   Cator(3)   Calvin(3)   Betty(3)   Garland(3)   Marvin(3)   Eli(3)   Cecil(3)   Brad(3)   Ian(3)   Jill(3)   Christine(3)   June(3)   Lesley(3)   Raymond(2)   Walter(2)   Bruce(2)   Mark(2)   Susan(2)   Jim(2)   Robin(2)   Wally(2)   Sheldon(1)   Donna(1)   Terry(1)   Ted(1)   Chip(1)   Tammy(1)   Vern(1)   Reginald(1)   Carla(1)   Catherine(1)   Philip(1)   Tim(1)   Dudley(1)   Matthew(1)   Verne(1)   Viola(1)   Lonnie(1)   Alain(1)   Michel(1)   Ponnaral(1)   Normand(1)   Joyce(1)   Alexandre(1)   Bud(1)   Byron(1)   Krista(1)   Geoffrey(1)   Doug(1)   Quentin(1)   Jerold(1)   Colleen(1)   Richard(1)   Aubrey(1)   Ross(1)   Warren(1)   Vance(1)   Melissa(1)   Maureen(1)   Darrell(1)   Ronald(1)   Larry(1)   Brent(1)   Daniel(1)   Christopher(1)   Murray(1)   Margi(1)   Sydney(1)   Jack(1)   Marilyn(1)   Anne(1)   Katheleen(1)   Bill(1)   Rober(1)   Erin(1)   Dianne(1)   Shaun(1)   Iris(1)   Jacqueline(1)  




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