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The popularity rank in Canada is #5299
Worldwide there are 8352+ people named Conlon

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Meaning of name Conlon is not known.

» Famous people

Barry John Conlon is an Irish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Carrick Rovers.
Sean Kieran Conlon is an English singer best known as a member of boy band Five before leaving in 2001 a few months before the group announced their split.
Bryan Conlon , is an English footballer who played as a forward in the Football League.
Conlon Nancarrow was an American-born composer who lived and worked in Mexico for most of his life.
Patrick Conlon may refer to: Patrick Conlon , Australian publican This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.
Fred Conlon was an Irish sculptor.
Ross Conlon is an Australian former rugby league footballer.
Malachy Conlon was a nationalist politician in Ireland.
Sarah Conlon was an Irish housewife and a prominent campaigner in one of the most high-profile miscarriage of justice cases in British legal history.
Kelly Conlon is an American bass guitarist.
Judd "Jud" Conlon was born in 1910 in Cuba City, Wisconsin.

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      Dave(4)   Bob(4)   Paul(4)   David(3)   Michael(3)   Shawn(2)   Jason(2)   Eric(2)   John(2)   Doreen(2)   Steve(2)   Kevin(2)   Joseph(2)   Robert(2)   Frank(2)   Ken(2)   Brian(1)   Rose(1)   Greg(1)   Peter(1)   Lenard(1)   Joe(1)   Murray(1)   Helen(1)   Martin(1)   Sean(1)   Shelly(1)   Bruce(1)   Marilyn(1)   Jean(1)   Carter(1)   Debbie(1)   Megan(1)   Andrew(1)   Leonard(1)   Carl(1)   Patrick(1)   Christopher(1)   Dorothy(1)   Kim(1)   Dale(1)   Harry(1)   Wayne(1)   Elizabeth(1)   Edward(1)   Alan(1)   Gary(1)   Jennifer(1)   Dennis(1)   Grant(1)   Joan(1)   Thomas(1)   Shirley(1)   George(1)   Joyce(1)   Paula(1)   Guy(1)   Violet(1)   Owen(1)   Danny(1)   Duane(1)   Cal(1)   Steven(1)   Neil(1)   James(1)   Bernard(1)   Cleve(1)   Clayton(1)   Rodney(1)   Mary(1)   Cynthia(1)   Sheree(1)   Graem(1)   Kerry(1)   Karen(1)   Mark(1)   Henry(1)   Tara(1)  




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