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The popularity rank in Canada is #N/A (rare name)
Worldwide there are 2296+ people named Chesley

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Meaning of name Chesley is Meaning Unknown

» Famous people

Chesley Bonestell was an American painter, designer and illustrator.
Alison Chesley , known also by her stage name as Helen Money, is a Los Angeles based cellist and composer.
Robert Chesley was a playwright, theater critic and musical composer.
Chesley William Carter was a Canadian Member of Parliament representing the riding of Burin—Burgeo and a senator for Grand Bank, Newfoundland and Labrador.
John Alexander Chesley was a Canadian politician.
Solomon Yeomans Chesley was a public servant and political figure in Canada West.

» Popular firstnames for surname Chesley

      Patricia(3)   Lloyd(2)   Wayne(2)   Jack(2)   Centenial(2)   Lake(1)   Allison(1)   Kurt(1)   Jerry(1)   Alan(1)   Gordon(1)   James(1)   Steve(1)   John(1)   Mel(1)   George(1)   Amy(1)   Shane(1)   Claire(1)   Bruce(1)   Donald(1)   Debbie(1)   Kay(1)   Craig(1)   Herb(1)   Ken(1)   Sandi(1)   Clark(1)   Ron(1)   Walter(1)   Mike(1)   Larry(1)  




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