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  1. Antwerp = 38
  2. Liege = 13
  3. Flemish Brabant = 8
  4. Limburg = 6
  5. Hainaut = 3
  6. Namur = 3
  7. West Flanders = 2
  8. East Flanders = 1

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #860
Worldwide there are 478+ people named Vissers

» Meaning

Meaning of name Vissers is not known.

» Famous people

Marius Visser is a rugby union player for Namibia and the heaviest player at the 2007 Rugby World Cup at 140 kilograms.
Maura Visser is a Dutch handballer who plays as a middle back for German club HC Leipzig and for the Dutch national team.
Kevin Visser is a Dutch professional footballer, who currently plays for Helmond Sport in the Dutch Eerste Divisie.
Edward Vissers was a Belgian professional road bicycle racer.
Joseph was a boxer from Belgium, who competed in the Lightweight division during his career.
Lesley Candace Visser is an American sportscaster, radio personality, and sportswriter.
Lucie Visser is a Dutch former model and actress who was elected Miss Netherlands in 1976.

» Popular firstnames for surname Vissers

      Langlet(1)   Meuleman(1)   Koolen(1)   Kelderman(1)   Graf(1)   Huygen(1)   Moers(1)   Nivarlet(1)   Similon(1)   Stifter(1)   Schalk(1)   Roothoofd(1)   Oostens(1)   Geebelen(1)   Flips(1)   Bulkmans(1)   Buls(1)   Bruynen(1)   Beniest(1)   Aspers(1)   Beck(1)   Callot(1)   Claes(1)   Elliott(1)   Fierens(1)   Eeckman(1)   Destombes(1)   Dekkers(1)   Aerden(1)  




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