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  1. Liege = 65
  2. Namur = 44
  3. Hainaut = 40
  4. Luxembourg = 34
  5. Antwerp = 25
  6. West Flanders = 15
  7. Flemish Brabant = 14
  8. East Flanders = 14
  9. Walloon Brabant = 12
  10. Brussels Capital Region = 11
  11. Limburg = 3

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #31
Worldwide there are 736569+ people named Thomas

» Meaning

Meaning of name Thomas is Twin

» Famous people

Clarence Thomas is an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of the United States.
Thomas Becket was Archbishop of Canterbury from 1162 until his murder in 1170.
Thomas Carlyle was a Scottish philosopher, satirical writer, essayist, historian and teacher during the Victorian era.
Thomas Henry Huxley PC FRS , known as "Darwin's Bulldog" for his advocacy of Charles Darwin's theory of evolution.

» Popular firstnames for surname Thomas

      Labarre(2)   Meeckers(1)   Matteucci(1)   Marotte(1)   Macquet(1)   Marchal(1)   Melerys(1)   Molders(1)   Niessen(1)   Nisolle(1)   Neskens(1)   Moretti(1)   Louviaux(1)   Mestrez(1)   Loop(1)   Kremer(1)   Labro(1)   Koenig(1)   Knapczyk(1)   Kinnard(1)   Lafosse(1)   Lamberts(1)   Leuck(1)   Nuyens(1)   Lefrere(1)   Lecomte(1)   Lebeau(1)   Lot(1)   Opitom(1)   Vanderlinden(1)   Vanderschaeghe(1)   Vanaertenryck(1)   Thollebeke(1)   Sprumont(1)   Thibau(1)   Vanderstappen(1)   Vanleke(1)   Wilvers(1)   Wouters(1)   Wiesemes(1)   Verstraete(1)   Verhoef(1)   Sendon(1)   Schoels(1)   Pans(1)   Pantano(1)   Palange(1)   Oudermans(1)   Ouadhi(1)   Pector(1)   Pochet(1)   Sabatini(1)   Schleich(1)   Reinertz(1)   Ratz(1)   Poncelet(1)   Kettel(1)   Kemps(1)   Courtois(1)   Crevel(1)   Corlier(1)   Copeland(1)   Coet(1)   Colsoul(1)   Crowe(1)   Crudenaire(1)   Debauche(1)   Debeche(1)   Daussogne(1)   Dancot(1)   Cruysbergs(1)   Chillemi(1)   Charneux(1)   Bechet(1)   Besson(1)   Beaurir(1)   Aranda(1)   Ansiaux(1)   Beylemans(1)   Bontinck(1)   Carels(1)   Carlier(1)   Caelen(1)   Brems(1)   Bosson(1)   Debiere(1)   Decroliere(1)   Guelff(1)   Gutman(1)   Grosse(1)   Giambrone(1)   Geerits(1)   Geimer(1)   Haep(1)   Hardy(1)   Jallay(1)   Janssens(1)   Hottia(1)   Herman(1)   Hastir(1)   Garot(1)   Galet(1)   Delsa(1)   Deurinck(1)   Delgoffe(1)   Defraire(1)   Defacqz(1)   Dierckens(1)   Dohet(1)   Flas(1)   Fonfoneata(1)   Engelen(1)   Dumont(1)   Drosson(1)   Aesseloos(1)  




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