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  1. Brussels Capital Region = 7
  2. Hainaut = 4
  3. Antwerp = 3
  4. Namur = 3
  5. East Flanders = 2
  6. Liege = 2
  7. Walloon Brabant = 1
  8. West Flanders = 1

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #8866
Worldwide there are 14250+ people named Stoica

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Meaning of name Stoica is not known.

» Famous people

Alin Tudor Adi Stoica is a Romanian footballer who plays as an attacking midfielder.
Cristian Alexandru Stoica, also known as Alessandro Stoica , is an Italian rugby union footballer.
Dorel Stoica is a Romanian football player, who plays currently for CS Turnu Severin.
Tudorel Stoica is a Romanian retired footballer who played as a central midfielder.
Pompiliu Stoica is a Romanian football defender.
Dumitru Stoica , is a Romanian futsal player who plays for City'us and the Romanian national futsal team.
Chivu Stoica was a leading Romanian Communist politician.
Mihai Stoica , commonly known as Meme Stoica or MM Stoica, is a former president of Oţelul Galaţi and former general manager of Unirea Urziceni.
Vasile Stoica was a Romanian political writer, diplomat, and close assistant of European statesmen Tomáš Masaryk and Ion I.
Laura Stoica was a Romanian singer, composer and actress.
Andrei Stoica is a Romanian mixed martial artist and kickboxer signed to the K-1 and SuperKombat promotions.
Valeriu Stoica is a Romanian politician and academic.
Bogdan Stoica is a Romanian kickboxer and current SuperKombat Cruiserweight Champion.
Teodora Stoica is a Romanian rowing cox.
Razvan Stoica is a Romanian violinist.

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