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  1. Liege = 74
  2. Hainaut = 60
  3. Luxembourg = 38
  4. Namur = 22
  5. Antwerp = 19
  6. Brussels Capital Region = 9
  7. Flemish Brabant = 6
  8. East Flanders = 6
  9. Walloon Brabant = 5
  10. West Flanders = 4
  11. Limburg = 3

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #48
Worldwide there are 16173+ people named Lemaire

» Meaning

Meaning of name Lemaire is not known.

» Famous people

Charles Antoine Lemaire , was a French botanist and botanical author, noted for his publications on Cactaceae.
Philippe Lemaire was a French actor.
Jean Lemaire may refer to: Jean Lemaire de Belges This disambiguation page lists articles about people with the same name.
Alexis Lemaire is a mental calculation world recordholder.
Paulin Alexandre Lemaire was a French gymnast who competed in the 1920 Summer Olympics.
Georges Lemaire was a Belgian professional road bicycle racer, who became Belgian road race champion in 1932.
Philema Lemaire was a French politician.

» Popular firstnames for surname Lemaire

      Sicre(2)   Medart(1)   Mathieu(1)   Mares(1)   Malvaux(1)   Meunier(1)   Meyer(1)   Morichon(1)   Moonen(1)   Michiels(1)   Micha(1)   Majean(1)   Legras(1)   Kopijasz(1)   Kohlstedt(1)   Koenigs(1)   Kips(1)   Krippeler(1)   Lagaune(1)   Lecarme(1)   Lavallard(1)   Lariviere(1)   Lapraille(1)   Moulin(1)   Nardi(1)   Wamberchies(1)   Walbrecq(1)   Villatte(1)   Verhaert(1)   Wasson(1)   Weidner(1)   Zilles(1)   Zegels(1)   Zander(1)   Weyergans(1)   Vandewaelle(1)   Treinen(1)   Ruet(1)   Poncelet(1)   Pipaut(1)   Penders(1)   Schoofs(1)   Schumer(1)   Thomas(1)   Thiry(1)   Stercq(1)   Jost(1)   Jeannot(1)   Cousin(1)   Copet(1)   Comyn(1)   Claisse(1)   Crouquet(1)   Cruysweegs(1)   Defays(1)   Decloux(1)   Danemark(1)   Cuipers(1)   Chantillon(1)   Champagne(1)   Brayeur(1)   Bourseaux(1)   Bossuyt(1)   Blootacker(1)   Bredo(1)   Breedenraedt(1)   Cambien(1)   Cailliau(1)   Burelle(1)   Brunin(1)   Delbo(1)   Delheid(1)   Hartmann(1)   Hannotte(1)   Guerre(1)   Guala(1)   Hauzeur(1)   Herbay(1)   Hutse(1)   Hoyas(1)   Hougrand(1)   Heynen(1)   Goossens(1)   Goisse(1)   Doucy(1)   Dias(1)   Dewalque(1)   Desaive(1)   Dries(1)   Duliere(1)   Geys(1)   Froment(1)   Dumortier(1)   Backaert(1)  




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