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  1. Liege = 62
  2. Hainaut = 54
  3. Namur = 43
  4. Luxembourg = 17
  5. Antwerp = 16
  6. Brussels Capital Region = 14
  7. West Flanders = 7
  8. Walloon Brabant = 7
  9. East Flanders = 6

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in Belgium is #66
Worldwide there are 19914+ people named Legrand

» Meaning

Meaning of name Legrand is The great one.

» Famous people

Michel Jean Legrand is a French musical composer, arranger, conductor, and pianist.
Claude Just Alexandre Louis Legrand was a French general.
Lise Legrand is a female French wrestler who competed in the Women's Freestyle 63 kg at the 2004 Summer Olympics and won the bronze medal.
Ugo Legrand is a judoka from France.
Louis Auguste Mathieu Legrand was a French artist, known especially for his aquatint engravings, which were sometimes erotic.
Christiane Legrand was a French singer.
Victoria Legrand is a singer-songwriter and keyboardist for the dream pop band Beach House.
LeGrand Lockwood , was a businessman and financier in New York City in the late 19h century.

» Popular firstnames for surname Legrand

      Mabesoone(1)   Leyder(1)   Lepiece(1)   Mehagnoul(1)   Minez(1)   Opsomer(1)   Nihoul(1)   Navarra(1)   Landrain(1)   Lambret(1)   Hinck(1)   Hill(1)   Hermant(1)   Horemans(1)   Housset(1)   Kwembeke(1)   Kreutz(1)   Joiret(1)   Plume(1)   Poelart(1)   Thiroux(1)   Squizzato(1)   Soufflet(1)   Tratsaert(1)   Veniere(1)   Zanier(1)   Wesmael(1)   Wanlin(1)   Sibille(1)   Schraepen(1)   Remience(1)   Quertainmont(1)   Pozzer(1)   Remy(1)   Renotte(1)   Ruberto(1)   Robbroeck(1)   Guidon(1)   Griffe(1)   Byca(1)   Buono(1)   Bricq(1)   Ceccato(1)   Chaboteaux(1)   Chevrier(1)   Charlier(1)   Charita(1)   Bozzolan(1)   Bouchat(1)   Bernardin(1)   Baisypont(1)   Andrianne(1)   Bertrand(1)   Biette(1)   Boizet(1)   Biron(1)   Coliez(1)   Collay(1)   Dujeux(1)   Dewier(1)   Deprez(1)   Dutrieux(1)   Firket(1)   Granger(1)   Ghistelinck(1)   Gatellier(1)   Deleyn(1)   Delcourt(1)   Crasset(1)   Courtoy(1)   Cossutta(1)   Cwikowski(1)   Cybulska(1)   Deckers(1)   Daeghsels(1)   Amoll(1)  




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