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  1. Namur = 54
  2. Luxembourg = 51
  3. Hainaut = 43
  4. Liege = 27
  5. Brussels Capital Region = 8
  6. Walloon Brabant = 5
  7. Antwerp = 4
  8. Flemish Brabant = 3
  9. East Flanders = 2
  10. West Flanders = 1

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #89
Worldwide there are 12227+ people named Guillaume

» Meaning

Meaning of name Guillaume is Variant Of William Resolute Protector

» Famous people

Guillaume Depardieu was a French actor, winner of a César Award, and the eldest son of Gérard Depardieu.
James Guillaume was a leading member of the Jura federation, the anarchist wing of the First International.
Guillaume Dah Zadi is an Ivorian footballer.
Guillaume Courtois , called "Il Borgognone", was a French painter and etcher, the brother of the Jesuit painter Jacques Courtois.
Guillaume Franke is a German international rugby union player, playing for RC Orléans in the Fédérale 1 and the German national rugby union team.
Guillaume Norbert is a French football midfielder, currently playing for French team Le Havre.
Guillaume Apollinaire was a French poet, playwright, short story writer, novelist, and art critic born in Italy to a Polish mother.
Guillaume Raoux is a retired tennis player from France.
Guillaume Dufay was a Franco-Flemish composer of the early Renaissance.
Guillaume Rufin is a professional French tennis player.
Guillaume Canet is a French actor and film director.

» Popular firstnames for surname Guillaume

      Mercier(1)   Melard(1)   Mathelot(1)   Masset(1)   Meurant(1)   Motten(1)   Noiret(1)   Ninane(1)   Niedercorn(1)   Louvigny(1)   Loupe(1)   Legraive(1)   Laloi(1)   Koyen(1)   Knott(1)   Leonard(1)   Liban(1)   Louis(1)   Loef(1)   Libert(1)   Osselet(1)   Peruzzi(1)   Vinot(1)   Vinel(1)   Villerelle(1)   This(1)   Wainwiller(1)   Walgraffe(1)   Zimer(1)   Wolf(1)   Watillon(1)   Taillandier(1)   Stasiuk(1)   Renauld(1)   Poitoux(1)   Pirson(1)   Pineur(1)   Righetti(1)   Rodrigue(1)   Sneyers(1)   Scholtes(1)   Rosato(1)   Kisita(1)   Kettels(1)   Castermans(1)   Castelain(1)   Brau(1)   Braibant(1)   Cavelier(1)   Clovio(1)   Cuitte(1)   Contu(1)   Collart(1)   Bourgy(1)   Bougeniere(1)   Azaert(1)   Aufaure(1)   Asta(1)   Arte(1)   Bauche(1)   Bilocq(1)   Boinet(1)   Boca(1)   Biron(1)   Declerck(1)   Degives(1)   Hadoux(1)   Gubin(1)   Groux(1)   Gravet(1)   Hallez(1)   Henneaux(1)   Keser(1)   Junek(1)   Hosselet(1)   Graindorge(1)   Goossens(1)   Drigo(1)   Dominicy(1)   Detienne(1)   Deguerry(1)   Dufour(1)   Duykaerts(1)   Gepts(1)   Ferroni(1)   Edart(1)   Ameye(1)  




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