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  1. Hainaut = 92
  2. Liege = 90
  3. Namur = 65
  4. Brussels Capital Region = 24
  5. Luxembourg = 22
  6. Antwerp = 19
  7. Walloon Brabant = 9
  8. Flemish Brabant = 4
  9. West Flanders = 4
  10. East Flanders = 3
  11. Limburg = 2

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The popularity rank in Belgium is #15
Worldwide there are 32142+ people named Fontaine

» Meaning

Meaning of name Fontaine is Fountain

» Famous people

Joan de Beauvoir de Havilland , known professionally as Joan Fontaine, is a British American actress.
Liam Vaughan Henry Fontaine is an English footballer who plays for Bristol City as a defender.
Nicole Fontaine is a French politician and Member of the European Parliament for the Île-de-France.
Eddie Fontaine was an American actor and singer, best known for television roles in the 1960s and 1970s.
Hippolyte Fontaine , and whose contributions were essential to the creation of the dynamo.
Jean-Michel Fontaine is a French forward currently a Free Agent, following his release from Fleetwood Town.
Jean-Pascal Fontaine is a French midfielder currently playing for Ligue 2 side Le Havre AC.

» Popular firstnames for surname Fontaine

      Strougmayer(2)   Sarton(2)   Mathieu(1)   Masy(1)   Melinon(1)   Mertens(1)   Monisse(1)   Mignon(1)   Meyers(1)   Meurant(1)   Mampaey(1)   Mainfroid(1)   Hissette(1)   Henricot(1)   Havermans(1)   Jamagne(1)   Jaume(1)   Liegeois(1)   Lembourg(1)   Karamanidis(1)   Moradiellos(1)   Paenhuyzen(1)   Tamigniau(1)   Seynave(1)   Serre(1)   Tegano(1)   Tirleroux(1)   Wans(1)   Vandenbulcke(1)   Tratsaert(1)   Scheirlinck(1)   Savatte(1)   Poisseroux(1)   Penninck(1)   Hary(1)   Pollet(1)   Rappe(1)   Renson(1)   Renault(1)   Noelmans(1)   Hansotte(1)   Damsin(1)   Dambrain(1)   Dache(1)   Courtois(1)   Debar(1)   Debatty(1)   Delcambe(1)   Defaux(1)   Dedecker(1)   Coumans(1)   Colson(1)   Barette(1)   Barbieux(1)   Arroz(1)   Berruyer(1)   Bierme(1)   Carrein(1)   Cabolet(1)   Bodson(1)   Dembour(1)   Dewert(1)   Gatot(1)   Frippiat(1)   Fonder(1)   Ghelfi(1)   Ginion(1)   Guillick(1)   Goeury(1)   Godelaine(1)   Fievez(1)   Fena(1)   Domen(1)   Dogot(1)   Dewil(1)   Draeck(1)   Drossaer(1)   Duval(1)   Durdu(1)   Dujardin(1)   Adam(1)  




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