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  1. Liege = 59
  2. Namur = 42
  3. Luxembourg = 26
  4. Hainaut = 25
  5. Antwerp = 24
  6. Flemish Brabant = 9
  7. Brussels Capital Region = 7
  8. Walloon Brabant = 4
  9. West Flanders = 2
  10. East Flanders = 1

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» Ranking

The popularity rank in Belgium is #85
Worldwide there are 12348+ people named Collin

» Meaning

Meaning of name Collin is Dove

» Famous people

James Edward Collin was an English entomologist who specialised in Diptera.
Francis "Frannie" Collin is an English professional footballer who plays as a striker for Maidstone United.
Xavier Collin is a French former professional footballer who played as a defender.
Collin Clark Peterson is the U.
Collin Andrew Samuel is a Trinidad and Tobago footballer, who is currently with Scottish Second Division club East Fife until the end of the season.
Collin Walcott was a North American musician.
Collin Chou , sometimes credited as Ngai Sing, is a Hong Kong-based Taiwanese actor and martial artist.
Collin Thomas Balester is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Texas Rangers organization.
Collin Klein is an American football quarterback.

» Popular firstnames for surname Collin

      Degoedt(2)   Pardons(1)   Pappaert(1)   Noiret(1)   Petryx(1)   Pruin(1)   Recht(1)   Ransquin(1)   Mychalczuk(1)   Philippe(1)   Mosnier(1)   Lalmand(1)   Joset(1)   Joackim(1)   Laloy(1)   Laurent(1)   Marthus(1)   Lemlyn(1)   Laverdure(1)   Robaye(1)   Ruwet(1)   Troonen(1)   Treard(1)   Thome(1)   Vandervelpen(1)   Vanhelmont(1)   Vranckx(1)   Vanroy(1)   Vanhemelryck(1)   Thomas(1)   Steygers(1)   Seleck(1)   Schmitz(1)   Scharpe(1)   Serulus(1)   Servais(1)   Stalins(1)   Solheid(1)   Sibret(1)   Jaubin(1)   Heyne(1)   Colaux(1)   Claessens(1)   Chevalier(1)   Craninckx(1)   Crutzen(1)   Decrock(1)   Decresson(1)   Dajch(1)   Cheniaux(1)   Busselot(1)   Baland(1)   Autequitte(1)   Amiable(1)   Beghuin(1)   Besure(1)   Bulles(1)   Boutay(1)   Bouille(1)   Dedobbeleer(1)   Dedriche(1)   Genot(1)   Galant(1)   Gabin(1)   Geudens(1)   Gloire(1)   Hatka(1)   Hacour(1)   Grosdent(1)   Fourneau(1)   Finfe(1)   Deguelle(1)   Deglin(1)   Defernez(1)   Dekleyn(1)   Desimone(1)   Dubrunquez(1)   Drouguet(1)   Acampo(1)  




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